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Creating Sensory Spaces You’ll Love

Utilizing all available space for the most usable Sensory Space. 

Creating State-of-the-Art Multifunctional Sensory Gyms

At TherapyGyms in Atlanta,  we can build a custom sensory space for you, by using our RIGS to create a setup that can be used to optimize your available space for occupational therapy.

Our home or in-office consultants will help determine the best setups for you based on your needs. Our team also strives to provide high-quality equipment to create a comfortable and multifunctional environment that is made just for you.

Why Trust Us

We have years of design experience in various fields under our belt. Because of our background, we can think outside of the box and create unique setups to fit all our clients’ needs.

However, knowing what to do is not enough. That is why we also make sure that we have the correct tools to apply our knowledge. Our team uses the newest design and manufacturing technology to ensure our products are functional and safe for your family.

What We Offer

Home Solutions

Do you want a personal space perfect for occupational or suspension therapy? If so, you can count on us. We can provide and install individual hooks for your home setup.

Custom Solutions

Everyone’s space and needs are different. This is why our setups are customized for each client.

Climbing Walls

We offer interior and exterior climbing walls as well. These can be used for therapy, exercise, or recreation.

Custom Rooms and Furniture

We can also build themed rooms and furniture that are customized to match your or your kid’s interests. This way, you can allow your imagination to run wild or give your child the opportunity to sleep in a custom bed designed around their favorite character and theme.


We provide all accessories, including swings, ropes, carabiners, and rotational devices, that are needed for your sensory space. You can also get in touch with us if you want to ask about our various custom swing options.


Real Innovative Gym Solutions (RIGS)

Our RIGS are custom structures that can be used by both kids and adults for various functions, such as suspension therapy and Rehabilitation. With our RIGS, you no longer have to rely on guesswork when it comes to hook setups for your home or gym because our RIGS’ design is based on your specific space and needs. This means that we can customize its length, width, height, and color.

Our RIGS are also designed to maximize space, We can even build RIGS for unique setups that you may need for basements, bedrooms, or outdoor spaces.


With our RIGS, our team can create a place fit for your therapy, exercise, or recreational needs. Completely customizable and infinitely adjustable  Check out some of our products today.


Assembly and Installation

You can assemble and install your RIGS with normal hand tools.
However, if you need help, you can rely on our professional team to do the job for you.

Get in Touch

Do you want us to create a functional sensory space for you? If so, you can ask questions or discuss a complicated project with our team by calling us at (678) 249-9247 or messaging us. We strive to always be responsive so that our clients can easily contact us throughout the duration of the project.

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